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Company Name: Canzhou Four-star Glass Co., Ltd.

Private company founded: 1992

Main business activity: Production of Pharmaceutical glass tubes and containers

Corporate founded: July 21.2014
Incorporated state constitutions: National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance of PRC, Hebei Information Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

Representative: Mr. Wang Huanyi

Registered capital: CNY 85,680,000. (Approx. USD 12,470,000)

Occupied land: 133,200 M2

Construction areas: more than 50,000 M2, Plant 85,000 M2

Employee: 700

Listing on security market: June 2016

Location: Zhifangtou Industry Park in Cangzhou county

Highlights-Our R&D topics

    We researched and developed the best energy-saving and environment-protecting technology in the world to produce Type I neutral borosilicate glass tubes, which is unique production technology in China to provide Type I neutral glass for pharmaceutical glass containers. We obtained national patent of invention and 2nd Science & Technology award of invention granted by the Ministry of Science & Technology. Our plan to build a production base for annually 100,000 tons of neutral borosilicate glass tubes are supported by National/province Development and Reform Commission.

    Our company always looks up technology improvement, in fiscal 2015 increased technical R&D input, the capital of which got 7% of sales income for technical innovation. Four-star R&D resulted neutral borosilicate glass tubing (expansion coefficient: 5.0) with huge investment in 2006. We designed by ourselves the full process from raw material preparation to melting, tube-drawing, up to products packaging and loading into warehouse. We also imported the most advanced ampoule-making machines in the world from Europe to support our excellent products. In addition, our company has gotten 38 patents, 2 of which are invention patents. More16 patents are under application. We still enhance the management of know-how and technology updating to build our comprehensive competition.

Corporate Philosophy

-Basic conception is contribution to the development of pharmaceutical industry to guarantee the safety of people taking medicine

-Innovation is an engine of corporate

-Everything must be in on the practice base

-Always focus on products qualit

-Always highly take care of high efficiency

-Always unite all staff and workers together for same goal


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Address Zhifangtou Industry Park in Cangzhou county
Headquarter office03174951188
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